Prevent Stretch Marks with Olive Oil

“My aunt gave me this tip when I was pregnant with my first child. It really works! After giving birth to two children, I don’t have any stretch marks from my pregnancies.”  ~ Miriam, Age 38, from Ontario, Canada


(about) 1 Teaspoon olive oil
Rub the olive oil on your tummy…

Making an herbal infusion

Instead of using plain distilled water in a face or body cream, an herbal infusion incorporates an organic component that benefits your skin. Calendula, also known as Marigold, has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits. Echinacea and Rooibos are known to soothe allergies.  The dried petals and leaves of Calendula are steeped…

Aloe Remedy for Acne

Aloe vera is a very effective treatment for acne problems. If you catch the zit peeking out while you’re applying your day or night cream/oil, this trick works overnight (or during the day).  The aloe usually eliminates a newbie within 12-24 hours. Otherwise, apply the aloe each morning and night until your acne…

Bergamot for Shingles

Bergamot is an essential oil produced from the rind of a bergamot orange, which is a fruit the size of an orange and the colour of a lemon.
Combine in your hand

1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil
4-5 drops Bergamot Essential Oil
Rub the coconut/bergamot mix on areas of the body where shingles is visible. The…