Baast is the goddess in every woman

Baast, also known as Bastt, Bastet, Bast, Ubaste, Taweret, and Baset, was an ancient goddess of warfare who was worshipped in Egyptian religion during the 2nd Dynasty. She was regarded as a deity with the head of a lioness. During the 22nd Dynasty,  after various Egyptian cultures and religions merged, Baast transformed into a cat goddess and a protector of women, children, and pregnant women. Throughout the course of Egyptian history, her name became associated with the decorative jars that Egyptians used to store protective ointments. She eventually became known as the goddess of beauty oils and perfumes, and her form took the shape of a cat. While archaeologists and historians are not absolutely certain what her name means, it was written with the hieroglyph for ointment jar. Stephen Quirke (Ancient Egyptian Religion) suggests her name translates to, “She of the ointment jar”. In Iranian culture, ‘bast’ is a word for sanctuary, or safe place.

Baast.ca is an online space that encourages the public to explore a love affair between nature and their bodies. A space that endeavours to eliminate barriers of access between mother earth and the human body by inspiring a person to care for oneself  – to love thyself, despite life’s hardships and trials – by using natural ingredients to create beauty for oneself, whilst appreciating that trial-and-error is a fulfilling process of creation that is perfect in the eyes of its creator. Fate dictates there are no mistakes.

Baast.ca is a collaborative effort, a community that invites novices and seasoned creators into its fold, to share organic recipes, tips, knowledge, and remedies for beautiful skin, anti-wrinkle/anti-age tips, and restoration and healing suggestions for pain and/or trauma caused by lifestyle stress, abuse or illness. A community that promotes a peaceful existence between mind and body as a critical means to achieve inner strength.

BAAST is a cosmos – a connection with Mother Earth’s bounty. An infinite understanding that what came from the earth can also be embellished, healed, protected and immortalized by it.