Natural Oils Reference Chart

Benefits of natural oils for face, body and hair


OILSkin TypeComedogenic Ratinganti-agingcarriersunscreenanti-acneheals acne scarsabsorbantsooths skin problemsstretch marksUnique propertiesLinoleic acid % (Alpha) Linolenic acid % Oleic acid % Lauric acid % Myristic acid % Gamma-Linolenic acid % Eicosenoic acid % Ricinoleic acid % Pinolenic acid % Ximenynic acid % Stearic acid % Palmitic acid % Palmitoleic acid % Conjugated linoleic acid %
Aloeall0yes--yes--yesyessoothes sunburns, very effective for acne, gel or liquid is purest form, the oil is created with a 2nd carrier oil-------------
Apricot Kernel Oilcombination - dry2yesyes-yes--absorbs into skin, high Vit.A, anti-aging, light texture, good shelf life, good for massage oil blends230.2270----------
Argan Oilall0yesyes-yes-yes--regulates production of sebum370.543----------
Avocado Oildry3yesyes----yes-diminish pore size over time, high in Vit. A, B1, B2, D, and E, good shelf life, good for hair also, use at a low ratio, leaves fatty/waxy feeling on skin, do not refrigerate150.865----------
Babassu Oilall1-2------yes-sooths eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, etc.3-154217--------
Baobab Oilcombination2-----yes--absorbs into skin, good for hair24-341-330-40----------
Black Cumin Seed Oil*all2yesyes-yes-yes-high in anti-oxidants, anti-fungal, anti-age, healing, calms inflammation, good for eczema/psoriasis, firms skin, breaks up acne scars53.08.2421.7----------
Black Currant Seed Oildry0-1------yes-healing, regenerates and calms distressed inflammatory skin conditions411715----------
Black Raspberry Seed Oilcombination - dry1-2yes-------supports lipids, deflects free radicals482810.5----------
Blackberry Seed Oildry0-1yes---yes---anti-aging, combats blotchiness, large pores and blemishes. Good to mix with other oils62.71515.1----------
Blueberry Seed Oilall0-1yesyes---yes--anti-aging, high anti-oxidant, absorbs quickly442523----------
Borage Oiloily2-yes-yes--yes-reduces inflammation, heals eczema, blend in small dilution with other carrier oils, goes rancid quickly, expensive39-18--20-------
Brazil Nut Oildry2yes----yes--absorbs into skin, helps detox skin, good for hyperpigmentation and softening, best for mature skin25-40.135-50----------
Broccoli Seed Oilall1--------glossy &non-greasy, smelly, good for hair & lips, will make skin shiny11.21113.3----------
Calendula Oildry1yesyes--yesyesyes-Carrier oil; healing herb decreases redness, inflammation, heals varicose veins, bruises, hyperpig., soothes irritated skin25-28-3-------2-32-60
Camellia Oleifera* normal-dry1-3yesyes-yes-yesyes-comedogenic rating increases with higher oleic acid, antibacterial, good for acne, antiaging, tightens and smooths skin, reduces inflammation, absorbs rapidly, rich in Vit. E7-36-79----------
Carrot Seed Oildry3-4yes------slows aging, improves tone, elasticity (can substitute with carrot seed essential oil to avoid clogging)
Castor Oiloily1-yes-yesmust be diluted, good for stretch marks4-4----90-----
Cherry Kernel Oildry2-----yesyes-absorbs into skin, reduces inflammation and redness42-46----------
Chia Seed Oil3--------use as supplement, topically will clog pores18.7617.7----------
Cocoa Butterall4--------dry chapped skin, not good for acne prone3-35-------35--
Coconut Butterall4-yes----yes-creates barrier to protect skin during cold & dry weather3.2-35-------3526-
Coconut Oilall4-yes----yes-smooths skin, produces acne on face, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, good for body cold & dry weather, good for skin, hair and lips and massage. 1-3.25-845-52---------
Cottonseed Oil3--------used in soaps, oil causes breakouts42-54119-35----------
Cranberry Seed Oildry2yesyes--yesyesyes-absorbs into skin, holds moisture, rich in Vit. E and Vit A. anti-aging, helps with eczema, and scarring. Long shelf life35-4522-3520-25----------
Cucumber Seed Oildry1yes-yes-----high in phytosterols which strengthen skin's lipid barrrier, maintain moisture, smooth skin, restore elasticity, regenerate new skin cells, sun care & anti-aging60-88.9914-20----------
Date Seed Oildry3yes-yes-----*sunscreen - powerful protectant against UVB radiation, anti-aging, elasticity, reduces redness; must mix with other oils12241-5018---------
Elderberry Seed Oilall1-2yes-------decongestant - purges skin of impurities; prevents water loss through skin, anti-oxidant, promotes elasticity4335-458-12----------
Emu Oildry1-yes----yes-very similar to human skin's essential fatty acid ratio, absorbs into skin, carries other oils into dermal layer; reduces inflammation, pain, redness. Best used as vehicle for essential oils15.947.4----------
Evening Primroseoily2-3yesyes-yes--yes-anti-acne, improves cellular structure, reduces inflammation, promotes elasticity, shelf life 3-6 months, prone to rancidity, refrigerate after opening75-6--11-------
Goji Seed Oiloily0-1yes------light, good around eye area, firming, good for clogged pores68319----------
Grape Seed Oilall1yesyes----yes-heals acne, reduces inflammation, rich in Vit E, tightens & moisturizes skin, absorbs without greasy residue, relatively short shelf life63-72-21----------
Guava Seed Oilall1-2yes---yes--yesreduce pore size, tone & tighten skin, anti-aging, reduces scars, stretch marks, add to carrier oils77.711----------
Hazelnut Oilall1yesyesyes-----pore reducing, tightens skin, kills bacteria, reduces blackheads, UV protection7-15.568-85----------
Hemp Seed Oiloily0-yes----yes-treats eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin, balances skin's oil production spoils & should be kept in the fridge561011----------
Jojoba Oilall2yes--yesyes--mimics consistency of human sebum, absorbs into skin, purges toxins, balances production of excess oil, technically a wax not an oil, stores well, rich in Vit E515-15---65-80------
Kiwi Seed Oildry1--------protector against dry skin in cold weather, good on hair split ends, best used with carrier or spot treatment166313----------
Kukui Nut Oil*dry2-yes-yesyes--yesleaves oily residue on skin, good on stretch marks, after sun care, scalp conditioner, massage oil, penetrates skin layers, anti-acne, 1 yr shelf life if refrigerated after opening402625----------
Lanolin Oildry (very)2-------wax found in sheep's wool, absorbs 50% of its weight in water, good for skin care recipes, mix with carrier oil-------------
Linseed Oil*internal use only4--------high in omega3, lignans, vitamins & minerals. Most skin types cannot tolerate. Use internally175915----------
Macadamia Nut oildry2-3yesyes---yes--easily absorbs, protects from free radical damage, moisturizes, nourishes, a carrier oil into dermal layer for essential oils, one of the best regenerative oils, thin light texture1-5355-67--------15-22-
Mango Butterdry2yes-----yesyesanti-aging moisturizer, combats inflamed skin, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, sooths rathes, insect bites & sunburns1-13-34-56-------26-573-18-
Mango Seed Oilall2------yes-moisturizes, reduces inflammation4-40-46-------40-45--
Maracuja Oil*all1-2--------medicinal properties induces a sense of calm and well-being, good for stress and periods of poor sleep, a little heavier than argon77-12----------
Marula Oildry3-4yes--yes-yesyes-fast absorbing, antioxidant, reverses sun damage, anti-age, boosts cellular vibrancy4-7-70-78----------
Meadowfoam Seed Oiloily1yesyes-yes----similar to jojoba, breaks down blackheads & detox skin w/o causing purge, rich in Vit. E, anti-aging4-2---60------
Milk Thistle Seed Oilnot for face1--------Similar to sunflower oil, nutritive & protective for skin, best used over the liver as a liver pack for detox and support61.224----------
Mink Oildry3------yes-mild anti-inflammatory, relieves itching, dissolves impurities from skin, rejuvenates and conditions, protects from harsh elements16-39--------1615
Mustard Seed Oiln/a2-3--------massage oil or muscle rub for warming pain relief101125----------
Neem Oildry1-2---yes--yes-anti-bacterial, good for acne, athletes foot, etc., medicinal in India for 5000 yrs, reduces inflamation & moisturizes, heavier oilier feel needs carrier oil, long shelf life, smells like boiled peanuts13-50-------1518-
Olive Oildry2yesyes------anti-oxidants and squalene that nourishes and moisturizes. Anti-aging for smooth skin, use cold pressed virgin, use in small dilution with another carrier5-15-63-80--------7-14-
Palm Kernel Oilnot for face4--------feel and texture like coconut oil, good for cracked heels and dry cuticles with "great results", not for face2.3-1548--------
Papaya Seed Oildry2-3yes--yes----strong anti-oxidant, anti-age for elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles & moisturize, exfoliates, shrinks pores, evens skin tone, sooths dry skin3-77--------14-
Peach Kernel Oildry2-------similar to apricot kernel oil, rich in vit E, non-greasy15-35-55-75--------5-8-
Peanut Oil*all2yesyes------anti-age, ultra-hydrating, athletes use it for sports injury massage, good for arthritis, must be refrigerated, cannot be used by people with peanut allergy32-48--------11-
Pecan oilcombination - dry2yes------Carrier oil for essential oils, 6 m shelf life, works well as a cleansing oil, leaves oily residue21-41----------
Pine Nut Oiloily2yes-----yes-remedy for itching, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Anti-aging: Revitalizes tired and dehydrated skin, improves elasticity. Use with a carrier oil.49-24-----17---
Plum Kernel Oilall1-2yes----yes--absorbs quickly, light, anti-aging improves skin's elasticity and reduces fine lines & wrinkles24-67----------
Pomegranate Oilall1yesyes-yes--yes-consists mostly of omega-5 (punicic acid). One of few plant sources for conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) Anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory100.55----------
Poppy Seed Oiloily0-1--------absorbs slowly & can leave oily residue on skin, similar to hemp seed, balances sebum production58.5-28.3---------
Pumpkin Seed Oilall2yesyes-yesyes---fights acne when ingested, anti-age: renews, hydrates, increases firmness of skin, fights acne & bacteria, prevents scars470.236.3----------
Red Palm Oilnot for face4----yes--yesheals and fades old scars, stretch marks, deeply moisturizes skin. Orange color that can dye clothes & stinks. Will cause acne on face, use on body only.140.349--------32-
Red Raspberry Seed Oilall0-1yesyesyes-yes--SPF 28 Sunscreen; absorbs well, high anti-oxidant, moisturizes522211.7---------
Rice Bran Oilcombination - all2--yes-----UV properties, mild oil for sensitive or delicate skin; one of the best sources of tocotrienols (members of vitamin E family) - cancer preventatitve34-38--------21.5-
Rosehip Seed Oiloily1yesyes-yesyes--yesanti-aging, stretch marks and scars, high anti-oxidant improves texture and revitalizes skin, goes rancid quickly44-14----------
Sacha Inchi Oiloily0-1---yes--yes-high in anti-oxidants, reduces redness and inflammation while moisturizing, good for acne that's been picked and needs to heal.33547----------
Safflower Oilall0-yes---yes--Good for cleaning make-up off, breaks up blackheads and impurities, absorbs easily and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Also highly moisturizing.70-80-10-20---------
Sandalwood Seed oilnot for face2------yes-anti-inflammatory, sooths joint pains, bruises, cuts, burns, sores. Best used with carrier oil as therapeutic treatment for problem skin2-50-53------28-35---
Seabuckthorn Berry Oildry1yesyesyes-yes-yes-deeply penetrates skin's lipid layer (space between cells of the epidermis), reduces redness, inflammation, water loss, premature signs of aging. Regenerates cells, increases healthy skin structure. Natural protectant against sun. Use in combo with other oils 1-3% dilution, else it can stain the skin7-29--------3130
Sesame Oilall3-yesyesyesyes---anti-bacterial, good for wounds, acne, fair sun protectant; will leave oily residue on skin46-39-------4--
Shea Butterall0-2------yes-heavy and leaves a greasy feel on the skin, forms a protective layer on skin that reduces inflammation and smooths rough skin; especially good for elbows, knees & heels.3-8-40-55-------35-45--
Shea Nut Oilvery dry0-2------yes-"viscious", creates a barrier on skin from dryness and scaring, helps prevent water loss and heals chapped damaged skin9-14-57-73-------9-27--
Soybean Oilnot for face4-5--yesyes----sun protection, anti-oxidant, improves skin tone, not good for acne prone skin50724----------
Strawberry Seed oiloily1yes--yes----good to mix with product or straight on face, moisturizing, good for acne, damaged skin, maturing and sensitive skin, hydrates, regenerates elasticity - anti-aging35-5030-3812-18----------
Sunflower Seed Oilall0-2yesyesyesyes----Use unrefined. High oleic acid content may clog pores, most skin responds well, keeps skin balanced & moisturized, fights acne, anti-aging590.530----------
Sweet Almond Oildry2yesyes-yes----good for dry acne prone skin, regenerates skin cells by penetrating damaged sells and softening them for better hydration, good for sensitive skin20+300.462-86----------
Tallowhealing2------yes-Comes from beef fat, compatible oil with human skin cells, very thick, leaves oily feeling on the face, only use it for a few days to rebalance and restore very dry skn, add essential oils like tea tree, lavender or helichrysum, can be used for cleaning off make-up3147----------
Tamanu Oilhealing2-yes--yes---heals acne scars, fades old acne scars, thick consistency best used as spot treatment for problem areas rather than all over face, pungent odor *very effective for acne scars29-3834-41-------1312-
Tomato Seed Oilall0-2yes--yes-yes--excellent source of carotenoid & Vit E anti-oxidants, protect skin, esteemed for its viscosity, moisturizing, skin absorptive properties, protects skin against photo-damage from sun, rich in minerals that increase production of elastin & prevent collagen degradation. Best used as spot treatment for acne, wrinkles, etc.49221----------
Walnut Oildry1-2yes--yes--yes-Light oil, Fights dry, aging, sagging skin with its emollient and anti-oxidative properties, strong anti-bacterial properties kill acne causing bacteria and fungal infections, brings down redness & inflammation, regenerates tired skin cells. Anti-aging511030----------
Watermelon Seed Oil*normal - oily0-1yesyes-yes-yes--absorbs quickly without a greasy feel, dissolves sebum making it great to get rid of blackheads & other impurities, restores elasticity in dry, acne-prone and maturing skin, does not clog, goes well with cucumber & hemp seed oil for cleaning skin & as moisturizer; light oil - use with thicker oils to lighten their texture6315----------
Wheat Germ Oilhealing5-yes--yes---guaranteed to cause break-out; best for scar reducing and healing properties bec of high vit E content75514----------

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Appendix I – Acids (Informal notes that correspond to chart headings)
Appendix II – Tips for Choosing Oils (Informal notes for choosing and combining oils for face and body)


Black Cumin Seed Oil also known as Blackseed Oil or Nigella Sativa Seed Oil
Camellia Oleifera also known as Green Tea Seed Oil
Kukui Nut Oil also known as Candlenut
Linseed Oil also known as Flax Seed oil
Maracuja Oil also known as Passion Fruit Seed Oil
Peanut Oil also known as Groundnut Oil
Watermelon Seed Oil also known as Kalahari Oil or Ootanga Oil