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Aloe vera is a very effective treatment for acne problems. If you catch the zit peeking out while you’re applying your day or night cream/oil, this trick works overnight (or during the day).  The aloe usually eliminates a newbie within 12-24 hours. Otherwise, apply the aloe each morning and night until your acne cleans up.


A small cut of aloe vera plant leaf  (top layer of outer skin peeled or cut back to access fleshy inner skin), or 100% pure aloe gel (from your local organic store)


Clean skin. Dab a small amount of aloe gel to the pimple. You can apply it before or after a natural face cream or oil. Let the skin absorb the aloe, try not to wipe it off before it dries. If you apply too much, the excess aloe will dry and flake off.

Note: Aloe is not as effective as coconut oil for pimples or a rash caused by fungus (which is often caused by extraordinary stress or a skin reaction to warm weather). If stress is the cause of your break-out, try using coconut oil instead of aloe.


March 6, 2017
March 10, 2017